Women On TikTok Are Sharing Their Most “Jaw-Dropping” Mansplaining Experiences” And My Jaw Is, Indeed, On The Floor

If you’re a woman, I guarantee you’ve probably experienced a little something called “mansplaining”.


Merriam-Webster defines mansplain as, “to explain something to a woman in a condescending way that assumes she has no knowledge about the topic.”

“I was inspired to share my mansplaining story from the experiences I was having with a new male friend,” Tyra told BuzzFeed. “He had a habit of mansplaining ALL the time. I had a feeling that mansplaining was a common issue, however, I needed to confirm my suspicion. I realized he was not the only man to mansplain things to me, so I decided to bring my experience to TikTok. I wanted to know if mansplaining was truly as prevalent as I had suspected — spoiler alert, it is.”

Needless to say, plenty of women chimed in with their own experiences — and they are, indeed, jaw-dropping. See for yourself:

I think we can all agree that if there’s something men always seem to have…it’s the audacity.

Do you have your own wild mansplaining experience to share? Drop it in the comments below! You can also follow Tyra on TikTok and YouTube, and check out her clothing line, Controversial Apparel.

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