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NOAA forecast: Subtropical Storm Alberto – Path Update

Storm Alberto path update: How to track subtropical Storm Alberto – latest NOAA forecast

SUBTROPICAL storm Alberto has made landfall today, passing Florida’s northwest coast. The storm has forced thousands of locals to evacuate as it batters the east coast. Here is how you can track the path of Storm Alberto.

Storm Alberto, the first named subtropical Atlantic storm of the year, has reached land, forcing an evacuation for thousands of Americans.

The storm passed over Florida’s northwest coast, breaching Laguna Beach this morning.

US meteorologists have said that sustained winds of 45mph (72km/H) have battered the east coast.

States along the southeast coast of the USA fear that flooding and strong winds will destroy homes underneath the raging subtropical storm.

The storm is yet to grow to hurricane strength, but heavy rainfall could still cause devastating damage across Florida, Mississippi and Alabama.

How strong is Storm Alberto?

The subtropical Storm Alberto is the first named Atlantic storm of 2018, arriving a few days before the usual start of hurricane season on June 1.

Breaking landfall today the storm has been seen rushing over the southeast of the USA, whipping strong winds across the coast.

Picking up windspeed of up to 45 mph, the storm gradually subsiding to 12 mph as it headed northeast inland, according to the National Hurricane Centre.

Storm Alberto
Storm Alberto

The storm still poses a great risk to residents, as governors from Florida, Mississippi and Alabama declared states of emergencies in the wake of the raging subtropical storm

AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski stressed that the subtropical storm classification is only in reference to the fact that Alberto is not considered a pure tropical system.

Mr Kottlowski said: ”Otherwise, it has the same impacts as a tropical storm. That includes tropical-storm-force winds of 39-55 mph, a storm surge potential, heavy rain and the potential for isolated tornadoes.”

Storm Alberto
Storm Alberto

As Alberto’s centre heads inland and moves away from warmer waters that fuel tropical weather systems, the storm should continue to steadily weaken.

A subtropical storm like Alberto has a less defined and cooler centre than a tropical storm, and its strongest winds are found farther from its centre.


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